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How To Cure Coronavirus: COVID-19 Treatment Solution

COVID-19 Treatment Solution: People with COVID-19 should receive supportive care to help relieve symptoms. There is no specific antiviral treatment recommended for COVID-19.

COVID-19 Treatment Solution Hydroxychloroquine

On March 29, 2020, Rudy Giuliani, the personal attorney to U.S. President Donald Trump, tweeted about a treatment from family practitioner Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, who has claimed to have treated 669 COVID-19 coronavirus patients with a cocktail of hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, and zinc:

[caption id="attachment_91" align="aligncenter" width="456"]How Dr. Vladimir Zelenko's claims for his coronavirus treatment How Dr. Vladimir Zelenko's claims for his coronavirus treatment[/caption]

A more detailed explainer of the potential role of anti-malarial drugs like hydroxychloroquine against the COVID-19 coronavirus disease, with or without antibiotics. Zelenko’s claims, however, rest solely on taking him at his word: He has published no data, described no study design, and reported no analysis.

How To Cure Coronavirus: COVID-19 Treatment Solution (Moringa)

Moringa Supplement  – the green superfood – the Moringa Oleifera tree also known as a tree of life or as a miracle tree. Contains an incredible variety of vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, calcium, iron, vitamin D, and much more. Which can help you with a healthy diet and give more vitality and energy? This also lets you start your daily life strengthened. It has antifungal, antimicrobial, antiviral support treatment for COVID-19. And currently for the prevention of coronavirus in numerous countries. Also is an antidepressant, and works as an anti-inflammatory medication.

What Is COVID-19

In 2019, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) started monitoring the outbreak of a new coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, which causes respiratory illness now known as COVID-19. Authorities first identified the virus in Wuhan, China.

The first people with COVID-19 had links to an animal and seafood market. This fact suggested that animals initially transmitted the virus to humans. However, people with a more recent diagnosis had no connections with or exposure to the market, confirming that humans can pass the virus to each other.

Information on the virus is scarce at present. In the past, respiratory conditions that develop from coronaviruses, such as SARS and MERS, have spread through close contacts. Despite its prevalence, no vaccines exist, but health officials do have effective treatment measures for coronavirus victims.

How Dangerous Is Coronavirus?

Coronavirus strains are genetically similar and share both common symptoms, but some are more severe than others.

Two strains, severe acute respiratory syndrome (Sars), and Middle-East respiratory syndrome (MERS), kill an estimated 15 and 35 percent of people infected respectively.

What Is Moringa Supplement & Treatment Solution To Prevent ( Covid-19 )

Moringa is a plant that is native to areas of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan. It is also grown in the tropics. The leaves, bark, flowers, fruit, seeds, and root are used to make medicine. Moringa has become popular as a superfood overtaking the likes of spirulina and chlorella for its sheer density of nutrients. It is one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet. It provides natural vitamins, minerals, and protein. Enough to supplement a balanced diet.

[caption id="attachment_92" align="aligncenter" width="486"]medication is recommended to COVID-19 Treatment Solution medication is recommended to treat COVID-19[/caption]

Over 1,300 studies, articles, and reports have focused on moringa benefits. And this plant’s healing abilities are important in parts of the world. They are especially susceptible to disease outbreak and nutritional deficiencies. Research shows that just about every part of the moringa plant can be utilized in some way. Whether it’s to make a potent antioxidant tea or produce an oily substance that lubricates and nourishes the skin. Also, moringa is used for treating such widespread conditions as Coronavirus and others:

  • inflammation-related diseases

  • cancer

  • diabetes

  • anemia

  • arthritis and other joint pain, such as rheumatism

  • allergies and asthma

  • constipation, stomach pains, and diarrhea

  • epilepsy

  • stomach and intestinal ulcers or spasms

  • chronic headaches

  • heart problems, including high blood pressure

  • kidney stones

  • fluid retention

  • thyroid disorders

  • low sex drive

  • bacterial, fungal, viral and parasitic infections

Proven Moringa Supplement Benefits

  • Provides Antioxidants And Anti-Inflammatory Compounds.

  • Balances Hormones and Slows The Effects of Aging

  • Helps Improve Digestive Health

  • Balances Blood Sugar Levels, Helping Fight Diabetes

  • Protects and Nourishes The Skin

  • Helps Stabilize Your Mood and Protects Brain Health

  • Strong Antiviral – Used For COVID-19 Treatment Solution In China.

  • Fighting against bacterial diseases. Due to its antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobial properties. Moringa extracts might combat infections caused by Salmonella, Rhizopus, and E. coli.

What’s So Special About Life Moringa Supplement?

Studies on this plant have steadily demonstrated that it’s the most nutrient-rich plant ever discovered! It contains 46 ANTIOXIDANT, 36 ANTI INFLAMMATORY COMPOUNDS, 18 TYPES OF AMINO-ACIDS. And more than 90 nutrients which make it one of the best nutritional supplements ad COVID-19 Treatment Solution.

Ways to use moringa to get the best moringa benefits possible:

  • Dried moringa leaves or powder. It takes roughly seven pounds of moringa leaves to make one pound of dried powder. The leaves are considered the most potent parts of the plant. Containing the most antioxidants and available macronutrients. In regard to the concentration of phenolic compounds, amino acids, and volatile oils, the stem and root portions of the plant appear to have the least bioactive nutrients compared to the leaves. Look for moringa dried leaves in capsule, powder, or tea form, and take them with a meal, rather than on an empty stomach.

  • Moringa tea. This type of moringa is made from dried leaves steeped in hot water. Just like many other beneficial herbal teas. The most nutrient-dense types are organic and dried slowly under low temperatures. Which helps preserve delicate compounds. Avoid boiling the leaves to help retain the nutrients best, and don’t cook with moringa if possible.

  • Moringa seeds. Moringa pods and flowers appear to have a high phenolic content along with proteins and fatty acids. These are the parts of the plant used to purify water and add protein to low-nutrient diets.

  • Moringa oil. The oil from moringa seeds is sometimes called Ben oil. Look for it in natural creams or lotions. Keep the oil in a cool, dark place away from high temperatures or the sun.

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COVID-19 Treatment Solution, Conclusion:

Moringa is increasingly available outside of Asia, as people learn to enjoy the many health benefits it offers. Taken daily, the Moringa will boost your immune system to fight any disease or infection Ad COVID-19 Treatment Solution.

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